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VEERLE Platform Sneakers

Veerle オリジナルスニーカーをVolcanized製法で作りました

スニーカーでは難しい底の高さに前後差 をつけたプラット フォームシューズです







VEERLE Platform Sneakers

The VEERLE sneakers are original products produced by vulcanized manufacturing method made with a thick midsole and a platform outsole
that takes a very stylishly ergonomic form.

The insoles are extra thick improving your natural posture and balancing your overall physique.
With Veerle's original characters Bunibear and Veerle print.

There are 3 different color variations: white, beige and black.
All includes a printed draw string bag.

All Shoes color comes with original printed Bunibear & Veerle Insoles and  Veerle printed shoes bag
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