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鼻の高さに沿わせたカーブですき間をシャットアウト 立体裁断によるパターンにより顔とのフィット感とバランスを考え どの角度から見ても美しく見える様に設計されています 肌に当たる部分には通気性に優れ汚れ等落ち易い ポリエステルストレッチチュール使用 洋服と同じ高品質の素材を使用し何度でも洗濯して使えます 石鹼等で手洗い後タオルにはさんで水気を切り 干しておくと乾きやすいです


Nose Tuck Tulle Layer Mask

 Carefully designed to look beautiful from any angle by incorporating 3D pattern making techniques, ensuring an overall form-fitting balance.

The mask is contoured to the bridge of the nose, shutting out all the gaps for protection.

Layers of polyester stretch tulle provides excellent breathability and is easy to remove dirt etc. on the part that hits the skin.

Since it is made of the same high quality materials as clothing, you can wash it as many times as you like and is easy to dry.

These stylish masks come in variety of materials, colors and are easy to coordinate with clothes for any occasion considering FASHION and PROTECTION.

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